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Ok these are pure suggestions taken from skimming a random collection of about 75 LiveJournalers...so here goes (I'll reiterate some already put up in lj_biz as well) :

  • Some people would like to be able to post an entry by E-mail, as access to a browser or a client is limited.
  • I noticed that the biggest problems for users right when they sign up is that they have no clue about the coloring system when customizing their journal. (I didn't research the FAQ page for something like this, but if there is one maybe it can be linked to the validation E-mail)
  • Stompmgood suggested a customizable side bar if we plan to stick with something close to the current layout
    • I could only find suggestions for the windows client, but people are suggesting a grammar check similar to word for it (we have some very scrupulous journalers out there)
    • And of course my previous suggestion of adding a music player or making a winamp plugin client (it does have a built in browser...�_�)

  • In the post section, the main body textarea form, would it be possible to just type in a web address with the proper { http:// } header and have it be recognized automatically as a link?
  • Someone suggested a top-journal-list...with the option of adding a link to vote for your journal to your style...but I don't endorse this one...(personal opinion not to turn a community to a popularity thing)
  • Some people suggested putting up a way to define a signature for your comments and then being able to add it by using a form checkbox if you're currently signed in
  • Adding a quote post system similar to the way the current mood/music system is used
  • I can imagine the strain on the server now the way this would be set up in my mind...but can we link people by current mood/music as well? Similar to the random feature but instead the user you find is currently feeling the same as you or is listening to Portishead as well or something like that
  • Keep a log of everyone's mood at a certain time, take the most used mood and post that as the mood of LiveJournal (borrowed from iMood)
  • Genders suggests that we advertise the privacy feature of liveJournal better ("Be a voyeur...be an exhibitionhist...be a coquettish nymphet...be a gothic tragedy...be a delicate mystery...just be a livejournaler first ^_~")
  • A separate Journal for people who would like to post styles they are currently working on and would want help on (I didn't research support or anyone on this, just a suggestion)

    And now some kinda silly things I thought:
    • Perhaps someone could make a cgi-script similar to those poem generators that I've been seeing that generates a whole journal for someone who decides to be lazy for a day
    • This one cracked me up...and I totally dig the irony...we have a Narcotics anon., an Alcoholics anon., introducing a LJ anon., a totally separate journal where people can post about how staying up reading journals caused them to have an F in physics because they should have been doing homework, or how people got so addicted to the idea they invented the system of post, reply, read 50 other journals before life goes on.

      nevermind I made one up here. C'mon...post...you know you're hooked ^_~
    • And finally, as Petfish and Stompmgood have suggested, we should go out and buy Evan and Brad crack, street whores, and some midgets...but we would most definitely get these errors the week after.

      Those are the suggestions I found tonight. I realize that a to-do list is going to be implemented soon...I'm just priming people with what might be suggested before hand.

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