Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

$21,000 server

Anybody have any good ideas on ways to raise $10,000 quickly? :-)

We have about $11,000 or so I think (I'd have to go check the bank), but we still would like to get $10,000 in the next month or so for the new database server and the new raid array. (108 GB of RAID 10 (fast) disk space)

It's not a big deal, really, we'll get it eventually from new paid accounts.... I just wanted to make it known that this is our new goal.

We bought more memory and new faster disks for cartman, so that should keep things going for another month or so. We're also making a number of changes to the server and the code to make it all run faster, so maybe that'll stretch out the time more too.

One way to get money is installing LiveJournal onto other people's commecial sites... I've gotten 3 separate emails from people interested in this the past week. I'm gonna see how much money they'll pay me to install it. It may be worth my time, but maybe not. If any lj_dev people familiar with the code want to take this up instead (perhaps as a way to learn the code more), and are willing to give part of the money they pay back to LiveJournal, I'd be extremely appreciative, and of course I'd help you with anything you needed if you got stuck.

If you know any friends that are on the verge of getting paid accounts but need that extra 'push', let them know that existing paid users at the time we buy the new database will get free disk space on the image server for a year or so.

I should finish up the statistics stuff too... I've done all the hard parts now. I think that'd be another factor in getting people to pay for their accounts.

Um, that's all I guess.

Update: oh yeah.... I need to get Mark's new "Welcome to LiveJournal!" letter up and going. Sorry Mark... I cleaned my inbox again and found it right there at the top where it's been forever. Keep bugging me! But I'll try to do it in the next few days... but keep bugging me anyway!

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