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Part 1 of 2 - sorry ;)

Ok between jaebird and myself I realized how several of the FAQs are on the FAQ page yet never made it to the "Have a question" page... I need to get working on that I really just flat out forgot that not only were some of the FAQs not edited for grammar - but were also never added to that new/improved support site. My fault - it's tough enough to get users to look on one of the page sometimes - having them spread out between the two = more support requests probably came in than needed to.

Anyway, jae also pointed out that the font stuff is not really as accessible as it should be but since much of that goes hand in hand with the other HTML / how do I edit my styles issues I whipped up the following... Any complaints to it being put up on the support / FAQ stuff? And yes I realize it is rough - but I am thinking this is better than nothing on the issue.


Fonts, misc. HTML

For information on Fonts (

Currently LiveJournal does not offer tutorials HTML commands (which can be used in the LJ style system).

Version 2 of the style system (S2) is currently being developed - until S2 is implemented we will not be updating any FAQS on the style system / questions regarding it. The reason is simple: with the system being changed it just makes more sense for us to wait and document - more fully - the new system. A full tutorial is time consuming and requires the efforts of many people. It is very likely that any documentation that we would create for the style system would be outdated before we could have a completed version online.

This lack of documentation may be frustrating so how is the current lack of a comprehensive tutorial better for you, the user? Some users find the current style system confusing - we realize this and are currently working to create a more user-friendly system. Many of our volunteers just don't have the time to assist users in the way that they would like to. No matter how much we were to document the current system it could not compete with the new improved style system. Once the new system is in place we'll try our hardest to better document the customization features - until then we thank you for your patience.

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