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lj_doc: Complete protocol reference in XML, with stylesheets

All of the documentation for LJ's client/server protocol is now available in DocBook XML format.

Users with Internet Explorer 5 can view the XML using multistyle.htm, which allows you to switch quickly between 6 different stylesheets I've uploaded. (Most of the stylesheets emulate the appearance of the existing HTML pages, selecting different information for display). I've done this mainly to demonstrate how XSL stylesheets can be used with the XML documents.

All of the stylesheets are in the same directory as multistyle.htm. The document itself consists of protocol.xml (12 KB) and 3 auxiliary files:
  • allmodes.xml (60 KB) -- reference entries for the individual protocol modes.
  • protocol.dtd (8 KB) -- the document type definition (DTD).
  • iso-num.ent (5 KB) -- entity definitions for numeric and special graphic characters.
Notice that multistyle.htm loads these files only once; all navigation between different parts of the documentation is accomplished using XSL and JScript.

The stripping out of 3 linebreaks (which I mentioned last weekend) has not been fixed yet.

Unless somebody has better ideas, here's what I'll do next:
  1. Explain in English how to write documents that comply with the DTD.
  2. Look at the PHP Manual to see which of its features would be beneficial in LJ documentation.
  3. Look into the possibility of using IE5 as an offline editor for LiveJournal documentation in XML format. Is anyone else interested in being able to do this?
As I understand it, plans to add server-side support for XML documentation are on hold pending completion of the server code audit.

(When I first posted this, I said I was also planning to write a DocBook-compatible DTD for LiveJournal's database schema documentation. That documentation is nothing but tables, though, so DocBook doesn't seem appropriate. For tabular data, a custom XML document type is more useful, and designing it is a trivial exercise.)

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