Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

A few thoughts on that last post...

I wanted to let you all know that I deleted my last post, due to some people viewing the post as more an accusation of what journals are as opposed to a frank and open discussion about what, if anything, can we do to address the problems of journals. I apologize for anyone who was offended in any way by the nature of the post.
I do feel frustrated and upset, however, that a few people took the post as some kind of a personal attack on themselves, rather than an attempt to openly discuss the complaints that some LiveJournal users have raised in general. As a general rule, if there's any thing that doesn't fall under the category of either a support or an abuse issue that is upsetting you about the site, you can e-mail me. That's part of my job, and I will certainly try to respond to your concerns.

I think that dormando was right when he said:
"A lot of this is filed under 'manners.' It could simply be the fact that people are so close, and that LiveJournal could possibly be lying to them, when it claims to give them a journal of their own to write in."

I just wanted to restate that, yes... that is what LiveJournal wants to give people. A journal of their own to write in. Your journal is yours. So long as you don't step over the grounds of what constitutes an abuse of the Terms of Service for LiveJournal, you can say and do whatever you want there.

As I mentioned in the last post, if there was any one thing I could somehow get people to do, it would to be nicer to and more accepting of each other. It's not possible to dictate behavior like that, but I do believe that LiveJournal is designed is a big part of the reason why people on LiveJournal are, in general, so nice and so accepting of each other. If this debate had any effect, I hope it would be that people would consider the importance of kindness more often... and act appropriately.

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