dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_biz,


So... Funny story...

I was on the hellophone with the people we will hopefully be ordering a new, massive database server from, and I managed to get things swinging by tossing numbers from the livejournal stats, and the good stuff Insomnia has been predicting. I'd like to say thanks for the absurd number of users required to make that possible :)

But here's the point, before he said he'd call me back later with the actual pricing, he asked me what livejournal was all about, and... from a point on the phone, I was lost. I stumbled and stammered something out, enough to impress him.... Am I retarded, or is there a URL I could have shot off? I'd also like to have some short description I, or anyone else in my position, could ramble off on a moment's notice.

I should probably just e-mail insomnia and beg for this, but I'm curious to see if anyone else could answer first, or if a bunch of people could think up of a sales-pitch to the companies we're going to rely on :)

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