Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

We need a Site Tour! - Or yet another chance to volunteer...

How would you like to have your work seen by every new LiveJournal user? For the longest time, Brad has been pining for a site tour... a series of html pages that
shows people how LiveJournal works. Well, it's time to give him what he wants!

Take a look at how Diary-X, (an otherwise insignificant weblog) does their site tour, for example. Pretty spiffy, I think. We could use one too.

Multiple volunteers allowed on this project! You can do the site tour like Diary-X does with non-functional forms, etc. or you can use screenshots or images to add in things like arrows and text to point out places on a page, what they do, etc. Whatever works best for explaining the page in question.

Interested? Reply to this post, letting me know you're going to start working on it, then once you have a page or two to show us, reply again with a link to the page(s) in question.

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