Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

More on Slashdot.

Looks like the mention on Slashdot only got us moderate notice on the slowest day of the week. Still, free press is good press.

A relevant article on new types of banner ads was posted to Slashdot today, so I decided to post our story regarding banner ads to the site. It's available here.

So, why are we courting Slashdot? Because, we have to get the news out somehow, and they are one of the few "media sources" where we can actually get our feedback noticed.

For future reference, try to do two things for me:

1> If you see a Slashdot post (or Memepool, or any other post or article on the 'net where our feedback could get us extra attention, e-mail me immediately. . If I can reply to these articles sooner, we will get more attention to our message.

2> If you can mod me up on groups like Slashdot, please do so. I want us to be able to address these sites with a single, clear voice that gets noticed.


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