Kate (sqrfruit) wrote in lj_biz,


I'm posting this here instead of the suggestions page because I don't have a formal proposal set up (don't eat me!).

My Question
"In light of the recient YahooCities (as I call it) image incident, I was wondering if there was an easy way to update all the image URLs in one's journal. I'm not sure how LiveJournal's styles work, but it seems that there is some sort of variable system (%%variable%%). I was thinking maybe one could set up a variable (%%imgurl%% or something) to keep your current URL in and enter the img src using the variable and the file name. That way if one has to move all their images to another server, they only have to update the URL in the variable, and not in every post. Am I making any sense?? Would there be a way to do this?"

I understand that previous journal entries must be edited individually, but this, if possible, would save people from having to edit all their image URLs if their host (ie. YahooCities) stopped outside image linking.
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