Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

about the userpics help area.

we've lost one volunteer, zebra, so could somebody with the right privileges please take his name and stuff out of the faq. please.

also with the new ftp ability with some areas of livejournal, the userpics area is getting closer to becoming a part of the site. i've been a tiny bit too busy with my new crappy job to work on it heaps, but it hasn't slipped my mind. i have some tedious table-arranging to do, and i need to be in the right mood for it. i hate being hella busy.

mkay. that is all. if anybody has suggestions or ideas for the userpics area, i'd appreciate it. i already had one really good suggestion posted in response to the userpics thing i did for comm_news - internet sites that resize/crop images for you, online. i don't know much about these sorts of sites, if anybody can let me know the URL of anything like this, i'd appreciate it. once the help pages are completed, there may be a small section for links to sites just like this. so users can do it themselves, and see how easy it is, and be brave enough to learn image work....

cheers people.


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