Gita Enders (genders) wrote in lj_biz,
Gita Enders

Picture This

Just a heads-up on an upcoming problem.

Geocities, like Angelfire, has now blocked remote loading. No more linking of images (or sound files or anything else, for that matter) to remote sites. Bleah.

Shoutout to terytaya for noting this problem in Support and doing the research to confirm. He is now looking for alternative hosts and as soon as he finds them we will get them into the FAQ ASAP. Until then and for some time after, expect to see this question start to pop up repeatedly.

One would think this ought to be posted somewhere where users will see it, but where? Maybe Community News? Or, do we need some kind of Support Community where active support people can post questions that relate to operational problems and aren't resolved in the documentation, such as

  • Where is the Directory?
  • Why can't I stay logged in?

as well as links to the pertinent comment threads? Dakus?

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