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Here is an idea

I noticed that you had a place for adding aim buddies to your buddy list but not yahoo! (is this discrimination or just lack of knowledge?) im only kidding of course only a super geek would care anyways ^_^ heres how you can do it ()_()

to add buddy
http://edit.yahoo.com/config/set_buddygrp?.src=&.cmd=a&.bg=[group]&.bdl=[user name]
replace [group] with the buddy group to add it to
replace [user name] with the yahoo id you want to add as your buddy

to send a message
http://edit.yahoo.com/config/send_webmesg?.target=[user name]
replace [user name] with the yahoo id your trying to send a message too
please note 1) you need yahoo instant messenger running to do this 2) in the "a href " tag you will prob want to make the target=_new so it opens in its own window an q's e-me ta ta

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