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LiveJournal Related Press Release

I am beginning work on a new LiveJournal related press release scheduled to go out on Friday, February 23. If LJ_Biz members want to be involved in the process of writing it and have control over the final edit, the cost is $50. (NOTE: $175 is the minimum of what a 400 word press release will cost when/if LJ_Biz sends their own out through Business Wire.) I’m making this offer in an attempt to smooth over the negative waves the last press release caused with several individuals. (BTW: Please don’t send me e-mail. Post all comments here.)

The focus of the press release is to feature LJ users and their stories. (Brad’s Interview in the release should be a minor point.) Below is a headline and sub-headline that I’m playing around with:

LiveJournal.com Gives The Anonymous Wave Of Humanity Outside You a Face And A Story. I can dig that.

In February, The NewDigitalReporter.com Is Featuring LiveJournal.com Users And Their Stories During A 10 Part Interview Series With Founder Brad Fitzpatrick

The Wednesday Interview Segment and the Featured LJ Users of the week are now available at New Digital Reporter. NOTE: All featured LJ users were selected by previous featured LJ users.

New Content
Evan Williams, Blogger CEO, compares Blogger to LiveJournal.com in the NDR Journal.

A press release was sent out through business wire on Tuesday, February 26.

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