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For all of you that don't know, I created (along with many others of course) the new TOS for LiveJournal. In it LJ is basically granted the right to terminate a person's account if they do one of a whole list of things. However, the feeling I've gotten is that LJ wants to remain free and does not want people to feel like their content is being censored. So really everything in the TOS is not strictly interpreted, but is more there to protect LiveJournal in the event that something really bad does happen. Tonight, I was checking on the support board, and I came across the following posts, here and
here. Both these posts have something to do with harassment of some type, and the best thing anyone can suggest is for the person to block the offending user. However, I think LJ should have an official page up on what to do if you feel you are being harassed. It could follow logical steps from blocking the user to contacting LJ and possibly the authorities. If the case is serious enough, LiveJournal should have a special e-mail address for such complaints (in the TOS it is listed as, I believe). This e-mail address will obviously get a significant amount of irrelevant mail, but someone should be going through for complaints that are a) intelligent and b) seemingly valid. Then it would be up to the discretion of that person whether action should be taken.

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