Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

YAFR: Yet another feature request...

We need to make sure that LiveJournal can provide better support for external website "Slashdot-like" applications... and that means we need another category of people who can make comments...

Rather than just having the options for how you can post as:
Logged in User
LiveJournal User

how about adding:
Non-LiveJournal User
name: _______ email addr: __________

They will get a message after their post, saying:
An e-mail has been sent to your account. Please reply to the e-mail and hit send to verify your e-mail address. Your post will be added once your e-mail address is verified.

These posts would show up as :
Joeblow (non-LJ)
Although replies to their post would be sent to them in e-mail, standard users would have no way of determining their actual e-mail addresses. Administrators would be able to look up which e-mail address such posts came from, however.

I would also add a field under anonymous, allowing anon people to post with a name. These would be shown in posts as:
Joeblow (anonymous)

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