Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_biz,
Martin Atkins

Changing URLs when more comments are added

On most of the styles I've made, I've added &numcomments=%%messagecount%% to make the links appear as unvisited again when someone adds a new comment. At the time I suggested it to brad as a sitewide feature, but he said I should implement it in my style (and I did... in several!)

However, several times since then I've wished I could do the same in other journals, such as in lj_biz and news. It is for this reason I'm re-requesting that it be a user option to have this stuff added to the %%urlread%% in styles.

This would be a setting for users, rather than for journals... eg, if I turn it on for myself, then any journal pages I visit when logged in will have the stuff added. This means that this useful visual aid will be available in journals that users have no control over. It would also save all my styles breaking if/when LJ eventually moves to URLs like (for customisable talkread styles... spot the problem that causes!)

I'm interested to see if anyone else would like to see this added, which is why I dumped it here.

Oh, and if it is implemented I'd like to request that it be called something other than 'numcomments' so that it doesn't break my styles before I have a chance to remove the old stuff!


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