Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

Greetings everyone! Wanted to let you know that genders has just about finished creating FYI, newbies was created so that we would have one centralized place for new users to start out with LiveJournal, providing them helpful advice and information on how to really become an active LiveJournal user.

Normally, I don't expose sites to such a high degree of review, but I think we should start doing so. This particular site is pretty important, since we want to make sure that new users become skilled users. So, with that in mind, what do you think of the site? What about the content? The style? The fonts? Can you recommend a change to the site which would make it more effective?

Once we have everything finalized, we'll have the site prominently featured in the "Welcome to LiveJournal" e-mail that users get. We'll also promote it in LJ news and in the communities page, and maybe mention it on the FAQ page.

By the way, if anyone wants to create artwork, such as a logo for the site... please feel free to reply back with one!

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