Opi (opiummmm) wrote in lj_biz,

Idea Pool

All right I had this idea that emulates Mark's Talent Pool. I wanted to make a few more suggestions when I got to thinking...I don't want to have to post a new idea every time on lj_biz, so I got to thinking and I decided that in order to define a more definite place to post new, raw ideas we can call this the "Idea Pool". Then from here we take some of those ideas and develop them more and then post about them in the actual lj_biz. This could possible an area that we can sift through ideas and see what has already been implemented and what could use some work.

This Pool however would be something not to be read by the programmers, because some of these suggestions can be totally off the wall, and by using this method we can take the good ideas and present it to everyone, work it up a bit, then send it to the programmers. I've just noticed how some ideas get suggested and then Brad or Evan will post in response about the lack of source code or the overall improbability of an idea...this would be the pure thoughts melding here, kind of an effort to keep both sides of writing and coding happy without demanding too much from either aspect.

And besides...everyone can post a reply to this entry and post what they would like to see and suggest


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