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wubba wubba wubba...

I *still* think I should be able to go into my journal and delete large sections of entrys at once (maybe by month), to clean it out.. back up my whole journal at once and have the option to delet what I have backed up, maybe I have been using my journal for personal uses and would now like to intagrate it into my webpage, but past entrys about work.. etc.. I dont want available, and a smart person will figure out my user name, go to LJ, look for me and find my journal, even if I dont include the View Past Post fearure, hell a really smart person would know to do the "" etc... though I guess I could go into my styles and delete the link to do that, but see I just want to erase the old entry's not take away from future usability..

ack! Did I just rant? eekk! Mondays suck!

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