Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

an update to the lockergnome links - livejournal also got into the weekly digest. i know, because i just received my copy.

in other news, a fundraiser idea i had was an auction. popular and famous lj users donate objects to be auctioned off. the auction could take place on ebay, or in real time irc [somehow?] or perhaps some other means. we have lots of performers and talented artists and writers, not to mention a whole lot of camgirls and boys, who have big audiences and often dedicated fans. how much would an punquin-personalised teddy bear go for? or an original shannonkringen canvas? it's just an idea right now, and it's not expected to raise thousands of dollars... a few hundred maybe. but that will still help with getting other things going on the site.

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