Steve (steve) wrote in lj_biz,

Watching a journal/community/message board

I know Brad had an idea either exactly or very similar to this a while back, but it has never been talked about since so I'm bringing it up again in light of Mark's most recent comment. One of our biggest jobs seems to be converting free accounts into paid accounts. A useful feature which we could offer only to paid members might be the ability to watch journals, communities, message boards, etc. For example, you see a thread which interests you, you "subscribe" to it, and then every new comment/post gets either e-mailed to you or gets added to a special "subscriptions" page which links to new stuff. Currently, you only get notified if someone replies to your comment directly, however, there are many times when I'd like to know if the thread has changed at all. Just wanted to get this out before I forgot about it...

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