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Ok not done yet but I figured I would post what I do have right now... Gives me time to work on the others while you all check out the ones that I have so far.

Remember, the main thing that I did was run them through some grammar checkers and try to catch the obvious. I'm not bothered if you find a million things wrong with them - that is why we do it this way after all... Helping each other with what we can. So have fun! :P

Before you check them out:
~ User pics shows up as a new FAQ because I combined the info on uploading your user pic with multiple user pic info. Same with music, how to add current music and how does it work were combined so I named it NEW. All of this is really just for me to keep track of it on my HD. I realize that user pics (and how to get started) are long but not sure if they should be broken up or not).

~ These are just txt files, not formatted since the FAQ upload interface will automatically change URLs to active links, etc.

~ I sort of had my own little - makes sense to me but no one else - way of working on these so yes I know there are some that say (LINK TO FAQ HERE) or something similar. This is because I did bounce around while working on them and now just need to go back in and add the actual links.

~ I know that much of this is undergoing changes (mood stuff, etc)... As things change, we can change them - but until then they should work.

~ The names on the text files are really just for my knowledge, so that I could link them on my site in a way that makes sense to ME. On the actual LJ site they are just assigned a number so you can ignore my lame txt file names.

~ What all should go in Journal settings? (e-mail notification, how to turn off message boards, the modify info, link to developer area?)

~ What should go under Friend list issues? Brad seemed to have fixed them. (info on different time zones and why some will show up as say Monday and then the next one Sunday, scrolling because of large pics and unbroken text?)

~ What should go under Journal appearance issues? (time/date issues, scrolling caused by pics and unbroken text, links to the modify / developer stuff. ?)

~ Under the specific client software section - aside from getting started/where to download what if anything should go there? Hey Linux and Mac users - send me ANY info that you think needs to go under those two! I warned you all I am a Windows loser :P

~ I tried to keep them as simple as possible - I'm a simple person, I learned in college English courses that making anything over say a 6th grade level is often bad because you never know who will read something, and I was married to a tech for a few years (even to me he would explain everything as "now do you know where this is? click it - do not double click though") - but if anything seems too complicated or something just tell me.

~ Still working on the other ones... Should be done tonight or tomorrow. Will post more when they are all done - this should keep you all busy though. Patrick - I still have yours right with the others - don't want you to think I forgot about ya :)

Ok, now that I have all of that stuff said: here ya go.

* For Mark more than anyone else - as it is right now the FAQ updating is done from a web interface (so far usually by me, Brad, Patrick) and then assigned its number and put under the different headings (in a certain order? not sure how that part works). So, by me putting it up on my site for viewing the HTML all makes sense and is easy to edit... As far I as know, we currently (or I anyway) have no way to select the order on the actual LJ page since there is no real way to edit anything but the FAQ itself... when doing the coding for my site I did it with nice boring local tags (example <a href="NEW-creating.txt">Getting Started</a> tags. For the actual LJ site would it need to be the full URL, a local link as I used for this sample, some other way of doing it? Also the FAQ web update interface shows not just a heading for it to fall under but also a Spot for typing the question into... how will that affect this? If I were to update from where I do now... It would not really work with the new page design that you did... Is that changing as well? Once they are done will I need to just turn them into a simple html file so that they will work? or upload each FAQ with the name as it appears on the page you created so that they will show up that way? Hmm, if this doesn't make sense e-mail me... I think I just confused even myself ;)

* For Roshi - double check the userpic one and make sure I have everything in there that you wanted.

* For you all - Like I said earlier if you find anything in here that is not right / doesn't look right / annoys you / whatever please let me know. You can post here or you can E-mail me.

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