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Couple of silly ideas

It's no biggie, but I have a few ideas someone might want to play with.

1. Let's say I'm reading a very long post by someone and I want to reply to it, and chances are I may be the only person that replies. I hate to copy the entire post back into the reply. Could there be an option to put only the post header in the reply, thereby saving lots of space and making it faster to actually read replies. An example of where this really makes sense is when you are replying to say a recipe or a long story in a writer journal.

2. This one I think is really cool. I'm about to reply to a post and after I type in the reply, I realize I have said something I would have loved to have said in my own journal. It would be great if there was a selection to actual copy the reply to my journal in the form of:

On 01-01-2001 in a reply to (JournalName) Jerry said:

Then the actual reply.

Hey, I've just been thinking of these for a while and thought I'd drop them on ya. Thanks for any interest. Love LJ!!

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