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Hello. Mark just added me after I kind of volunteered to help with images and userpics and so on. After reading what's in here, I already have a couple of ideas.

A lot of people sign up for journals and never update them. They only sign up so they can comment on other journals - whether they be journals of their friends, or of people they like to pick on. Disabling anonymous posting prevents a lot of abuse, but if the abusive type is really dedicated they'll just sign up and go from there.

My idea is this. Create "Commenter" accounts for people who like to comment, but never actually post in their journal. Email the existing users who have never updated, notifying them of this. even though it is another username and password, I think this will use less server space than an entire journal, even if it is empty. An empty journal still has a calendar, friends page, recent page and profile. If we give people the option to have a comments account [for free i guess] this might free up some usernames and space on the servers.

One thing that i think should be compulsory with these comments accounts, should they ever be used, would be that the user AGREES not to abuse people. i can understand basic conflicts of opinion, but people trolling lj just to find someone to swear at should be grounds for account deletion.

that brings me to another idea - which might sound really sucky to some of you - but I think it would be a good idea to have like a neighbourhood watch thing. an abuse report page. i don't know how you would set it up exactly but it would be like a people's court. really abusive lj users who are repeat offenders would be warned, then deleted. i know you can ban certain users from posting in your lj, but that won't stop them from just finding someone else to rip on. i don't think that sort of behaviour is exactly [nice]. i can understand bitchiness and peole having little fights and things, but just out-of-the-blue comments about really mean stuff, discriminatory and offensive terms, sexism, racism etc. i don't care what other people write in their journal, but if the respond to my posts just to abuse me, well, i'd want to report them somehow....

and you all thought i was gonna post about images and styles...

styles, well, i do like making pages and organising the layout of them, but i'm not that great with the actual lj style editing interface. i don't know how to figure it out sometimes. i'll be making mock-ups of styles and if anyone wants to try making them into public styles, they're welcome to do so. i understand that there has to be more bonuses for paid accounts, as incentive for people to get paid accounts. i know you can edit your own styles if you have a paid account, but still, there should be a better selection of good, user friendly lj styles for the paid user. not everyone is a style genius, not everyone knows html. they just want to journal in peace, and for that journal to look good... so i'll try and do some rough plain html mock-ups of possible styles.

and if anyone does want an image edited or anything, just poke me, and i'll see what i can do.

woo. that's a lot of reading.


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