dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_biz,

Feature proposal process draft.

Hey all.

I have written up a draft of the proposal process that people will need to use to submit new features to the LiveJournal dev team. I passed this buy the lj_dev group first to see if anyone objected the process, and haven't seen anything bad yet (yes, I reversed the proposal process for the proposal itself;)

This process is here to make everyone's life easier when getting new features into livejournal itself. It makes the ideas more refined, and makes it a lot simpler for the devs to work with it, understand it, or have a greater grasp of the issue for when they accept/deny it.

Take a look at it, give me any suggestions for it, spelling corrections, all of that garbage. I'm still not sure if this is how brad wanted it presented, but oh well. It won't be official until he says so :)

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