Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

The Talent Pool!

This may appear to be a mild-mannered post... but it's actually the LiveJournal Talent

The Talent Pool is a list of who we are and what talents we have to share. By having a list of our talents, it makes it easier for people who are organizing projects for LiveJournal to find volunteers... and for those who are volunteers with an idea to find people who can help them put their ideas into action.

Just click here and reply to this post, telling us about the skills, talents, and interests that you are willing to contribute to help LiveJournal! If you already are helping LiveJournal, it is also a great place to let people know what kind of things that you do or have done for LiveJournal in the past, in case someone without a particular skill needs assistance on an issue in order to complete a project.

Take a dip in the pool... the waters fine! -

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