Opi (opiummmm) wrote in lj_biz,

Suggestion -

What about a support point based "volunteer" account that would have some of the same essential features of an early adopter account?

Implement :

  • Set a certain quota of support points a month. 20 per se.
  • Quota must be met monthly to keep status.
  • Would be admin'd to make sure that people aren't replying with "this request has been open for some time, please close"

"Volunteer" account abilities :

  • 6 user pictures, not just 3
  • Access to paid account styles, but not creation of new styles. <-- (incentive to get paid account)
  • 30 to-do list items

I mean, the features and responsibilities would have to be sorted out of course, but it would be for people that just don't have access to money for a paid account. And we wouldn't have to limit it to the support area either, we could get more people to work on the topic categories and bring them back to life; the userpics area if it ever needed help, etc.

I don't know. There are ways we could get people to help, and there are people who can't get a paid account. Why not put the two together?

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