Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

T-shirts and stuff...

I need to get them made. Why? Because LJ just spent a bundle on new servers... and frankly, the coffers are running low.

If we want to make LJ everything it should be, we need to pay for it... We shouldn't be slowing down our implementation of new features constantly, just to play catch-up games with the server infrastructure... if we want LJ to achieve its full potential, we need power to burn. For those that haven't become a paid member of LJ yet, now is a good time to consider it.

As for those of you who have created artwork for T-shirts, cups, etc., please get me your images ASAP. Send them to ... I know that Roshi's full-size image is available online, so I will have to pull that off soon.

Brad - I will talk to a few companies and just get the stuff made. If I have to pay for getting the shirts made, sell them out of my house, and mail checks up to your mom for her to process, fine. I have thousands in the bank right now, so this is no problem. I could cover my costs out of the first shirts sold. It's not as convenient as Cafe Press and I would rather have a company take care of the whole process, if possible, but the quality of the shirts, etc. will be much better and we wouldn't be reamed out of about $4-5 per shirt, either...

Meanwhile, maybe I will take one more stab at They don't answer their e-mail... grr.

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