Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

late night insomniac brainstorming resulted in these things. for t-shirts, or banners, or whatever. some suck, but, it's what i ended up with.

1. The Internet's dirty little secret
2. Just like reading your sister's diary... but hers isn't on livejournal... is it? [insert search box here]
3. Everything you never wanted to know about people you've never met.
4. An as yet untapped source of news, information and.... gossip [or scandal, or dirty jokes]
5. LiveJournal. Hey, its not like you have anything better to do?!
6. I poured my life into LiveJournal and all i got was this lousy t-shirt.
7. LiveJournal. Like the Borg Collective, but completely disorganised [random?]
8. Tell someone who cares. Livejournal
9. Warning: contents may contain unadulterated honesty.
10. Harriet the Spy was a wuss.
11. Keep it all to yourself. Or don't.
12. Geeks. Girls. Goats? Livejournal.

i dunno. use them if you like.

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