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Bigger than LiveJournal...

I was thinking about LiveJournal earlier, trying to figure out how we could basically make it more than it currently is... you see, I have no doubt that we have more real community than other weblogs, but the problem is, people make a significant time investment in their journals... why should they have to move all their content over from their webserver in order to take advantage of our community?

What I suggest is that we design a way for users of sites like Blogger, Pitas, and Diaryland to become a part of the LiveJournal community. We would essentially enable them to have free LiveJournal-driven comments on their journal. They could interact with us, we could interact with them... and it would appear to be seamless.

Remember how I said that LiveJournal needed to make sure that it was large enough that a bigger player wouldn't come along and potentially undermine our community by being the one that "all my friends use"? Well, think of comments (and online communities in general) as a lot like chat clients. No one took them seriously until they started being used for serious purposes... and by that time, the landscape was fragmented, with numerous incompatible systems. We have the ability to make comments (and online community) a compatible thing right now, and make LiveJournal-driven comments the future of community on the Internet. That's good for the Internet, and great for us!

Comments would be the initial wedge, so to speak... they would get people in the door, and get them to become active participants in LiveJournal, whether they realize it or not! From there, we could release additional community-driven features over time for non-LJ weblogs, such as friends lists, etc.

I poked around online to come up with ideas on how this could be done, only to find that we::blog is already starting to do something like this... looks like they do it pretty poorly however, with no support for Netscape. Still, the people interested in being early adopters for we:blog are people that we would like to have on LJ ourselves. (Kottke of has shown some interest, for instance.)

LiveJournal could become the dominant community behind all weblogs, and, in a larger sense, between all serious user-run webpages, but we must move on this idea rapidly if we intend to unify things and become the dominant solution for comment-driven community!

For you developers out there, I consider this to be of absolute prime importance... We should develop this feature for is Blogger, since that is the most contested market for comment-driven community. We should win it over while we have the chance.

Do any of you developers out there find this half as interesting as I do?! Please let me know if you are interested in working on this... I will work with Brad to get a team together to target this!


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