Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

request: in the userpic volunteery bit of the faq/help thing, can you please add user justgoto as a volunteer. that should make 6. should. i'm updating the help pages with his info and some more bits and pieces right now. also changed the style so it matches lj a little better.

evan: did you receive my email about the pages alright? i sent it a few days ago.

thought: my design might be better off as an official lj wallpaper. with a little editing. [shrug] i am not 100% sure anymore.

thought: i posted a weird rant thing in my lj and somehow, with a bit of rephrasing by piman, we have a slogan suggestion.. "LiveJournal: Meet old friends you didn't know you had." he probably wanted to post about it, but, i beat him to it... :P

question: just how many unused/vegetative journals are there? journals that exist solely to "reserve" usernames are kind of, well, dumb.

that is all.

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