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Getting people involved

This was a response that I wrote to this post. It applies to all of us, but especially to those of us who have developed for LiveJournal for awhile. LiveJournal is overwhelmed when it comes to development. We need to remove the bottlenecks inherent in our current structure, but only so many people know how to develop for LJ so far. This is how we should deal with that issue.

"...We need to remember that you have to start somewhere and we need to encourage people to do what they can. Good ideas are ALWAYS important, especially if we can develop them into detailed plans and start to execute on them.

You obviously know a lot about doing the hard work involved in building LiveJournal... there are others in here that have a bit of experience, but will need training to become developers. Is there anything that you could do to help enable people to do some of these tasks, even if it is just writing up what goes into doing ___ task and pointing people towards the information they'll need?

We are dealing with an expanding community with an expanding amount of volunteers with varying talents. We need to document (or at least outline) how to perform as many development tasks as possible so that we can really scale the development effort.

A project might have the following elements:

- Planning
- Project lead/coordination
- Design and artwork
- Documentation
- Programming
- Promotions

This implies that we should get others involved in our projects whenever possible so that we can save ourselves time and improve the quality of what we produce. Lj_biz is the place to do that.

What we need to do is scale the LJ development effort... and that means that you should be seeking out new talent and making use of the new talent we have available here to help out with various aspects of your projects.

In short, we can't do it all ourselves. As LJ grows, it will only get harder to try to do everything ourselves... so don't try to. Concentrate on what you need to scale the development effort. Don't be afraid of building your own team here, or asking for people to help. That's what we need to create... opportunities for people to help.

Burgundy, who studies psychology, once said in her journal that if you want someone to be your friend, get them to do something nice for you. When people do you a favor, however small, they have a mental conflict... "Here I am, doing a favor for this stranger ..." The two ideas conflict, so what people tend to do to reconcile the conflict is they view you as a friend.

That's how I want LiveJournal users to view us... as friends. We help them out, they help us out. Friends are our best evangelists, they become paying members... friends help us develop and grow. We need to enable users to be our friends, and that means making it easy for them to help us out. If you concentrate on doing this, you'll have more help than you ever expected soon enough. I can see that starting to happen here in lj_biz. I hope you all can too.

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