Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

okay. this is regarding the userpic help team. so far we have a few volunteers:

  • petfish
  • zebra
  • estokes
  • volsi
  • me [roshi]

the help pages need to go up DESPERATELY, but i know brad's a busy lad, so perhaps for the meantime, the little bit in the faq regarding me and the userpics could be updated.

my suggestion is a simple link to the userpics group journal, with instructions along the lines of :
if you wish to have a userpic created or edited, email one of the userpic volunteers. and have links to the profiles of the existing volunteers, instead of just me. the other volunteers are feeling left out, so they want some action...

also, another request to add for the users making requests, it really helps our cause if they let us know their username.

um ok. that is all.

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