Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

i notice there's been a lot of queries about how my t-shirt design will print and so on. i know my design is detailed. i know it's a little off-the-mark, as well. i put it together with what i had. my photo cd's only have so much... anyway. i've got a cafepress store of my own and i've read up on all of their info a while ago... they don't screenprint as such. they're more like the badge-in-a-minit places and they somehow print the picture onto the shirt so it's like a computer printout. i think. it's not a screenprinting process. it doesn't cost any more or any less whether you have 3 colours or 16 thousand. it doesn't matter whether you decide to use my design or not, even though i would like to know, because it's still not finished and i have things to fix up.

um. yes. i was thinking, are we going to do coffee mugs as well? you know a coffee mug will be seen around the office more that a t-shirt, given that most offices require better [!] dress code. erm. just a suggestion. i don't know. a lot of people seem to use lj from work...

perhaps if my design for the shirt sucks too much, it can be altered and become a nifty free wallpaper for your desktop? visibilty is the key to being noticed, so, plaster lj every damn place you can find.

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