Barak Berkowitz (barakb25) wrote in lj_biz,
Barak Berkowitz

putting our money where our mouth is

As I said in my my posts on LJ News, we at Six Apart care about freedom of speech, protection from sexual violence, creating an economy that encourages sharing, and using technology to improve the world. As many of you have said, those are easy words to say, but actions speak louder than words. We agree. So we're putting our money where our mouth is, and giving you a way to influence how much money we give.

We'll be selling permanent accounts for seven days, beginning Thursday. As we did two years ago, these accounts will sell for $150. This time, for every account purchased during the first 36 hours of the sale, we'll make a donation of $25, shared equally among the EFF, RAINN, Creative Commons, and WITNESS. These organizations reflect our values, and we hope they reflect yours.

EFF is the world’s leading advocate of freedom of speech on the web; RAINN is the United States' largest anti-sexual assault organization; Creative Commons is the global organization pioneering alternate licenses to traditional copyright in order to allow sharing, remixing and reusing content; and Witness works to use video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.

If you decide to buy a permanent account during the first 36 hours of the sale, $25 of your purchase will shared with these organizations. Or, if you prefer, you'll have the option to earmark the donation from your purchase for only one of these groups. So you're in control of how much we donate and which organizations will benefit.

We think this is a great idea. If you agree, please spread the word about the sale and the donation. If you or your friends are already planning on buying a Permanent Account, let them know the best time to buy is during the first 36 hours of the sale, starting on June 21st 2007. You can sign up to be notified via email right when the sale starts.

Then bookmark this page: That's where you can go to purchase your Permanent Account once the sale begins.

We know that other actions count too, so we're actively working to make our policies more transparent and our actions accurately reflect the will of the community. To this end we are working on:

  • Clarifying our policies so that it's easier to understand what kinds of content Six Apart is either unwilling to host or legally unable to host.
  • Building an automated system for reporting offensive and abusive content and a reputation engine that avoids the majority or a vocal minority from constraining open and free expression under the policies in above.
  • Clarifying the differences in policies between public and private content, and making commitments about how you can expect us to protect your private content and resist intrusions into your privacy.
  • Creating a forum for making all of this more transparent and predictable.

Each of these steps take time, but we're committed to seeing them through and keeping you informed of our progress, and we will do just that. We are committed to remaining one of the most open and vibrant communities on the web.


Many of you make the rational point that you would like to know about any policy clarifications before buying a permanent account. While there is still some work to do on edge cases and implementation approaches to ensure consistent application of policies, I do believe we can provide you a good deal of clarity on the policies we intend to implement before the end of the day in California today (Wed.). I hope that will help.


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