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Omniture on LiveJournal

We’re making a change to the way we’re gathering statistics on LiveJournal and wanted to let you know the plan and details in advance of the change. In June of ’06, we put in place a data-gathering solution that allowed us to dig deeper into how users and visitors use LiveJournal. The web analytics tool used was WebSideStory Hitbox. The details on those changes and the types of stats gathered can be found in this post. We have since made the decision to migrate to Omniture SiteCatalyst, which offers better solutions for our needs. The plan will be fully implemented by end of January '07.

Omniture is a drop-in replacement, and uses the same mechanism for tagging as Hitbox. Our engineering team worked closely with them to examine and approve the javascript code. We’ve followed the same policies as we did with Hitbox, so there should be no visible difference to our users. We’re still hosting the javascript code on our side, however it’ll be a few weeks before the cookie is set to the domain of In the meantime, the cookie will be sent from

Policies and Privacy

* No identifying information is sent to Omniture. Only anonymous information about visitors to web pages is collected and reported back to us.

* We still apply the cookie only to a random sampling of a very small percentage (~ 5%) of all users.

* Page Urls containing identifying information are still stripped of this data (ie. usernames, memory category keywords, etc)

* The code is only on most site-schemed pages, and not on any administrative areas or areas that contain sensitive identity data (such as the credit card pages within the payment and shop areas). And it’s still not included on anything within your journals or communities -- including all comment pages.

We will continue to provide a way for any user to opt out of contributing to the stat-gathering, even though we know it runs the risk of statistically biasing our results. If you’d like to opt out, go to the Admin Console and type "set opt_exclude_stats 1".
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