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Hi yall:

Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Ginevra, the person behind the email address contact@sixapart.com. I work with incoming inquiries to Six Apart, and a lot of Movable Type and TypePad specific email as well. Either I find an answer to your questions, or find the person who can and poke them with sticks. I do some small-level sales stuff as well. I'm kind of the Six Apart equivalent to Jesse, just not as smart. ;)

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback so far from a lot of LJ users, and a lot of questions about various things. Here's a general list of the questions I've seen most, and my answers. I love feedback more than pie, and I always welcome your questions, so fire away.

Q: What are you going to do to LJ now that it belongs to you?
A: Nothing. We don't want to change anything in the way you experience LiveJournal. I have a journal, a blog, a website and enough paper notebooks for a small army. Most of us at Six Apart are the same way - we started with Geocities, or a basic web page, and here we are, still writing away. We're all using this interweb thing to communicate, and I think that's a grand thing.

I got an email from a famous cartoonist via his lawyers the other day. (I told you I answer a lot of email.) He puts in perspective the idea of ownership on the internet quite well. He said he thinks of his cartoons as his children, and when they get out of his hands and published in places he doesn't approve of, he feels like a bad parent. I think we feel the same way about LiveJournal, TypePad, and Movable Type. We wouldn't want to abuse the trust you place in your journal as your place, your community.

Q: Were you responsible for the power outage?
A: Nope. Looks like some Homer hit a big red button marked "don't touch." I like this explanation: http://www.livejournal.com/users/robyn_ma/447402.html

Q: Is Yahoo! buying Six Apart?
A: This has been slashdotted and speculated and a whole big rumor has blown up from one random guy's completely speculative post. Thanks, internet! Listen, I can't speak to corporate policy. Which isn't a yes or a no, it just is. If something isn't true and we deny it, then when something is true, we'll be put in a situation where we have to answer everything before its really time. You'll have to trust us to do the right thing by you.

Q: You worked with Yahoo and Google and MSN to create and implement the nofollow plugin. (link) Doesn't that show you're a Big Company now?
A: We might be playing with the big kids, but it's all for the common good. We're still a small family company, where my dog sleeps under my desk and we all read each other's blogs.

Spammers are the real enemy - so if you have any more ideas about how to stop them, let's hear it!

Q: Did Six Apart make [insert feature name] not work deliberately?
A: Breaking something that previously worked would be stupid on our part. The LiveJournal team that you know and love run a kick ass service and if there is a hiccup, they're going to fix it.

Q: What did you do to Frank the Goat?
A: He's fine now. I think he might have taken a binge on the grass or something.

Q: Are you going to put ads on our journals?
A: Like Brad has said forever, ads aren't needed to pay the bills. That doesn't seem to be changing so it's a good thing. And if you see an ad on a TypePad or Movable Type blog it's because the owner of the site put them there themselves to make money!

Q: Are you part of tech support?
A: Nope! I work with them, but I'm not a support tech. I love our support team, but my function is different. I can help you find the right software for you, answer your questions, and sometimes I will even show up on time for meetings.

You should read Raheli's journal, too.

Q: Are you our new robot overlords?
DO NOT LOOK THE ROBOTS IN THE EYE! Ha. No. I do like robots though, and we have one who can dance. (http://kokochi.com/archives/000613.shtml )

Q: Do you know everything?
A: Of course I do. Just ask anyone who knows me.


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