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Allow myself... to introduce... myself... o_O

Hello all,

I just wanted to introduce myself to the lj_biz community and let you know a little bit more about why I'm here. :)

I've been using LJ for almost two years now, recently deciding to purchase a "paid account." (?) As my journaling needs evolve and change, however, I have made it a point to participate in the evolution of LJ, since it is my blogware environment of choice. My last post to lj_dev asked "to meet the demands of categorization within LJ" (I'm sorry if the entry seems a bit ostentatious, I wrote it in a hurry while tired, I ask for a bit of tolerance on the readers part and community as a whole.) I've also gone through the procedure of submitting suggestions to the suggestions community, although I withdrew my last post after I realized a major flaw in the suggestion system, which I may go into detail later, in this community, as it pertains to the business of LJ.

A little background on me--I'm first generation PC. I grew up around computing, and therefore I absolutely loathe computers. This is why I spend a great deal of time sitting in front of them, wishing I was outside riding my bike or remembering to breathe. I don't program for a living--I used to, when I was younger, to put myself through design school. It's not that I don't like programming--it's just that I know when I get stuck in code, it takes me a long time to get my head out. ;-)

In regards to business, I am a non-traditional student of business, and have, for the past fifteen years, developed a great respect for the game (as I must, as business drives commercial design.)

My first question to this community is this:

Do you think LiveJournal has customers or users?

I say customers, as LiveJournal is a business that offers a service. I say that LiveJournal currently has two types of customers: those who pay for services and those who don't.

The reason for this question leads to another one: If LiveJournal has customers, what systems does it have in place to ensure customer satisfaction?

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