Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

not trusting LJ abuse

By now I'm sure some of you have seen this post where the abuse_lj_abuse crew pick up on a choice quote of mine and runs with it. This, of course, has pissed off the LJ Abuse team, who doesn't think I respect them or their work.

What I said, for the record, was:
We're actually working on a system where people who are suspended can make their cases public, requiring LJ abuse to write a public explanation.

See, I don't know what LJ abuse is doing, because each case takes assloads of time and research, and I don't even have enough free time in a day to have a life. I spend all my time keeping the site alive.

Like you, though, I just don't trust LJ abuse, because I hear so many horror stories. But half the time I'm hearing the distorted half of the story, and not LJ abuse's side. Hence the new system, coming soon.
So the abuse_lj_abuse people now love me, and the lj_abuse team hates me, but neither side understands what I was saying:

abuse_lj_abuse: You complain about the LJ Abuse team, largely because your friends or favorite communities got banned, but your friends and community maintainers aren't telling you the whole story. So you end up hating LJ Abuse based on a one-way argument. The LJ Abuse team is selectively quoted to make them look evil, and to rally support for the "LJ Abuse sucks!" movement.

lj_abuse: You're all now saying I don't respect you, when what I actually said was that I don't trust you. Those are totally different. I look at the boards and cases sometimes and I can't frickin' believe all the crap you guys have to sift through. I totally respect you guys for that. But consider my point of view: I don't research cases, don't review every case, don't have time. All I hear about are all the people pissed off at LJ Abuse that mail me a couple times per week complaining about some great LJ Abuse injustice. And I read the same one-sided arguments that abuse_lj_abuse is putting out and I come to distrust LJ Abuse too. But then I mail Denise, Mark, and Ben, and I generally hear back the full story and I'm not so offended anymore. But more often than not, I hear ridiculous stories and I've thus come to question all LJ Abuse decisions.

Plus, it's my duty not to trust you guys. If you guys don't have any checks and balances, who's going to control you? The community? Hardly.

Hence the new proposed system, where people who feel they're a victim of injustice can open up their cases to the public, and the public can see both sides of the story, not just the victim's side, which makes the whole community hate LJ Abuse.

So please, everybody, relax...... I don't like either side of this argument, and I don't hate either side. It's just a crap situation, and I think some new processes (like this new public case tool) could help dispel some confusion.

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