Mr. High Road (zippo138) wrote in lj_biz,
Mr. High Road

More LJA idiocy

Recently I've been seeing another member of LJ asking a question about the Live Journal copyright policy, specifically LJA's interpretation of copyright law. The community bestcomment was suspended, supposedly this was the official reason:
"Dear LiveJournal user,

As the community in question [bestcommentevar] exists solely as a copyright violation -- reprinting others' comments in venues where they do not control is a violation of copyright -- it will not be unsuspended. You are welcome to create a similar community; however, you may not reproduce others' comments verbatim. Providing a link to the comments in question would be acceptable, providing that the community is not used to organize and direct harassment."

If this is the real reason then I suggest that LJA should brush up on what is and isn't a violation of copyright. Based on this no news paper or news organization in America would be able to function. Plane and simple if an individual says something in a open forum it can legally be quoted, period. Your words are not copyrighted. Granted song lyrics, books and such may be , but they can also be quoted anywhere as long as the writer is given credit and no profit is being made.

Ultimately this brings me back to a complaint I've had with LJA for a very long time. They are not regulated and have too much power, and this is a fine example. There have been a rash of seemingly unneeded suspensions lately, and this one is one that I personally feel should not stand. So what can the membership of LJ do about this? Do we have a say at all as the customer? As a paying customer of LJ I want bestcommentevar back along with a bunch of the people that were banned for lame reasons in the past few months.
How many of us have to speak out before you people listen?

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