Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Photo hosting progress -- Beta access

The past few months of concentrated development on our photo hosting are starting to bear fruit. We're currently opening up the service to our first round of beta testers. If you fall into one of the following two groups, you're eligible:
  • Permanent account holders
  • Early adopters who are currently paid members
If that's you, sign up here:

We'll be opening up the beta over time to more and more users.

Some general notes about all this:
  • It's currently just running on two machines, one of which isn't that beefy. We're actually trying to stress this thing out for profiling, so expect it to be slow for a while until we buy more machines to run it all.
  • Because we've been working on the more technical aspects of the service, we've only recently started polishing up the user interface. The UI will be changing a lot over the next couple weeks.
  • It's been taking so long because we've had to develop a lot of technology which just wasn't available as Open Source previously. In particular, we developed a reverse proxy load balancer which lets mod_perl hand off large file transfers to independent fast, static webservers, and also a file system to make sure all your photos are not only stored on multiple redundant disks, but on redundant machines across the network as well. We've released all this as Open Source so other sites will be able to benefit from our work.
If you're a beta tester, please join fotobilder_user to post questions and offer advice. Also, every page on has a [Feedback] button. We're all reading the submissions from those, so please use them. Thanks!

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