Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_biz,
Evan Martin


I will start work at Google in just over a week. I ought to abandon some of my official capacities with LJ; not necessarily because of any explicit work conflicts, but because I don’t anticipate having the time/interest to do a good job. I haven’t been around much for quite a while already anyway.

In particular: moodthemes@lj mail should stop coming to me (I’ve just been deleting it anyway), same for dev@lj, the livejournal.org page should have someone else’s email address at the bottom, and I can be taken off of the LJ Staff page. (This is partially for my own sanity: You wouldn’t believe how much email I get because I have the word “hacker” by my name. I actually have written a form letter that directs distressed emailers to LJ support.)

Additionally, I think I should stop reading lj_core and I probably should be unsubscribed from the CVS commit mailing list (I can just read changelog), though I’ll leave it up to the people in charge to decide. (I don’t want there to ever be a conflict of interest by knowing something going on inside of LJ.) If I still have access to any support-related communities, requests, etc., feel free to remove me.

What else? ... I’d like to stay on the bugzilla bugs I’m CC’d on. ... I’d love it if someone finished the RSS namespace stuff and made the RSS/Atom feeds include all of the yummy metadata that distinguishes LJ. ... If anybody likes writing C code, then logjam can always use some more help, though I hope I can still spend some time with it.

I expect to continue following LJ development. I’m still fascinated by the project, still friends with bradfitz, etc., and still committed to many of LJ’s ideals. I plan to continue running the few LJ-related communities I’ve started (lj_research, which has pretty much died, dailylj, and others) and I plan to still watch these communities to follow what’s happening. Also, I’m not going to work on Blogger or anything like that; I’ve just finally graduated from college and it just was time for me to move on to something new.

Thanks for everything... it’s been a lot of fun.

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