Casey Blakeney (birdinflight) wrote in lj_biz,
Casey Blakeney

There has been a bit of commotion from people who are actively using (or want to use) the phone post feature of being a paid member. Personally, I have to call New York whenever I want to make a phone post, since I'm located in Toronto.

I may be able to offer a bit of help in this respect through the company I work for. During the day I pretty much manage a telecommunications company called Telehop Communications that includes a long distance company, as well as Internet services.

My boss is introducing these phone cards where people will automatically get 100 free minutes, and can use it anywhere in North America. If the average person uses 3 minutes per phone post than they could make over 30 phone posts on this card just under the free minutes. Of course, they can purchase more time on the card, should they run out, if they choose to.

They're mainly offering these to charity organizations, because if people do recharge their cards then the charity actually gets 3% of the revenue generated. So it actually ends up raising money for the non-profit group. I've talked about Livejournal with them and they'd be interested in offering the same to the company, even though they might not be a charity group.

I figure this is worth a shot. Everyone that has a journal can get a phone card for free, can make phone posts without getting heavy long distance charges, and Livejournal might get some revenue to put into their services.

An idea for all of the users here to discuss. Wouldn't mind hearing everyone's thoughts...including bradfitz.

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