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Opinionated but I'm always spitting straight facts


Now that there is a way to keep people you don't like off your user info page even when you've hidden friends-of and you're the only person who can see it; that should be enough. More than enough. Change the terminology to "reads" and "read by" if you like, to stop people from being confused about what an LJ Friend is, but Livejournal needs to stop catering to the hyper-sensitive because it seems to me that they will never be appeased.

A call to be able to keep yourself off of other people's friend's lists? No. No one should be able to control another person's user info page. The ability to suspend someone just for adding too many people to their friend's list? No. Finding a way to drop inactive users from your friends-of list? Why? Deleting inactive journals so that the user names can be recycled? This is ridiculous. I don't care who gets to be jack.

I think Livejournal needs to get out of the business of trying to please everyone. While I didn't share the concerns of the whiners who felt they really needed to be able to never see the word kkk_membership again, ever, I actually could, as a devil's advocate, see their point about wanting to control their own user information. But that's as far as it should go. The rest of it? Just too much.

Please Brad, I beg of you, just stop.

Update 3/18/04

To the commenteers who said I was whining and beating a dead horse: No, I wasn't saying that the new option needed to go away. I don't really care. I was saying that it needs to stop there.

Update 3/19/04

No, I changed my mind. I don't like the new banning option. I ban people from commenting on my journal all the time, and some of them are my best friends. I don't want them off my friends-of list, because they're my real life best friends!

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