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A Policy Question

I'm really nervous about bringing this whole thing up again, but there's a facet of it that I'm curious about.

We're all familiar with serial adders, and that there isn't a set policy against them. That part is clear.

However, what about serial adders who fill their journal with entries copied from other journals in order to look 'real' and further create confusion and drama? The question isn't rally so much about the fact that they're serial adding, but that they're creating drama using someone else's writing. In general, is there a policy against creating journals using entries copied out of the LJ's of other users, without there permission? If not, should there be?

EDIT: To clarify: I know there is a policy regarding serial adders, and that the behavior isn't prohibited. I was specifically referring to the fact that while there isn't a policy -banning- such behavior, is the other behavior I described worthy of a separate policy banning it? Also, while I'm aware that anyone whose writing is copied without their permission can complain under copyright violation rules, my question specifically applies to cases where the original authors are unaware of their work being copied, yet a journal is very clearly made up of posts taken from other journals? Basically, is there a need or a place for a policy against this behavior -without- a copyright infringement complaint from one of the original authors?

EDIT Pt. 2: See my comment below to clarify about whether or not people would know the entries were copied.

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