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Tribeless Nomad

The search for a LiveJournal slogan, continued

I like "at the speed of life", but it's already in use. For example, it's the title of a rap album, and a company called piksells already advertises "Web services @ the speed of life".

I see that the best LJ banner graphics (on the banners page and in a post by Darkmoon) already come with pretty good slogans, namely:
  • "Let the world know ..." (not distinctive, buts makes a point)
  • "Everything you ever wanted to know about other people, but were afraid to ask." (quite good -- seems a bit long, but it's surprisingly easy to remember)
  • "Your life online -- Free." (also good, but can be improved, perhaps)
The best slogan might be one that distinguishes LiveJournal from its competition. The big advantages that I've noticed to using LiveJournal are these:
  • quality design.
  • non-corporate outlook. -- Note: Concerns about corporate sites are a real issue, as a couple of LJ users recently stated here.
  • community. -- Note: By this, I mean that the central server allows me (i) to see all my friends' journal entries at once, and (ii) to join a shared journal.
The quality of the LJ design may not be the thing to emphasize in a slogan (everyone claims they're "quality" in their advertising), but the other two features seem important. LJ's non-corporate outlook distinguishes it from arch-rival Blogger, for example, and the central server distinguishes it from alternatives like Greymatter.

So the ideal message to get across might be something like "Your online community, on your terms". Of course, something catchier would be nice. Any suggestions?

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