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Goatvote: hiding friend-ofs

This is our very first trial of the GoatVote system. Read the link for details but in short, GoatVote lets us easily round up the best arguments in favor of each position before we make our final decisions on policy issues. This isn't a democratic vote... you can't game this system. Casting thousands of votes won't sway our opinions. The way you play this system is writing up the best arguments in favor of your position, and getting other people to recommend them. We'll read the best few arguments for each position.

So, here's the issue: Hiding friend-ofs.

The options are:
  • Don't change anything. Advocate to us why we should ignore this issue entirely. The system would stay as-is, where you can hide your entire friend-of list, or show it all. Nothing in-between.
  • Allow hiding specific friend-ofs, without banning. This position involves making a new feature to let anybody remove anybody else from their friend-of list.
    • PROS: Lot of people seem to want it. People wouldn't be able to be "victims" of "serial adders".
    • CONS: The fear is that it could kill legitimate links and kill the community by people over-filtering/customizing their friend-of list, not understanding that it's really the "Read by" list.
  • Allow hiding friend-ofs via banning only. This position involves only letting you remove somebody from your friend-of list if you ban them.
    • PROS: The idea is that people wouldn't over-customize their friend-of list because they'd also be banning those people and potentially offending them and/or limiting the people that could reply to their journal.
    • CONS: We're overloading a edge type. (is this a con?)
This is a rough overview of the pros and cons. Please contribute your own in your position statements.

Poll #258005 GoatVote: hiding friend-ofs (readers)

What point of view do you most agree with?

Don't change anything. Keep system as is: hide all or nothing.
Allow hiding specific friend-ofs, without banning.
Allow hiding friend-ofs via banning only.

What URL supports this point of view best?

What other URL supports this point of view?


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