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Journal Suspension

Apologies if this isn't completely on topic - but I think it's one of those things that, while it may not directly involve the business practices of LJ, could still affect them.

What is Livejournal's position on suspending journals of people who are believed to be "fakes"? I know I've heard that Livejournal likes to keep things "free as in speech", but where does the company draw the line? Is it only done if someone is seen to be "grandstanding" or trying to drum up attention, or solicit donations? At what point does it shift from someone keeping their journal for personal reasons and being a problem to the LJ community at large?

Obviously, if people begin to think that Livejournal is unfair or nosey or whatever it's not going to be good for Livejournal.

What caused me to ask this question is _safira, who many of you have probably heard about - a 17 year old girl with Cystic Fibrosis in need of a living-donor lung translpant. Recently her journal was suspended and though I know that LJ-Abuse isn't permitted to discuss the matter with anyone but the journal's owner, and that I may well be missing some important information, the speculation among myself and my friends is that she was reported to be a fake (as many trolls and rude people and sundry have suggested so, often in some decidedly mean-spirited terms).

Thank you. ^^

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