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Hi There

First of all if this seems to be way off topic then please direct me to somewhere else. But considering some of the other things that have been posted here over the time I'm hoping it wont be. Besides, considering it's moderated if it isn't considered on topic then I guess it wont be posted.

So let me first direct your attention to here. For a long time now I've been sitting here thinking 1) I wonder if anyone has suggested the option to edit comments and 2) when is this option even going to become available? After finally going to check out suggestions to see if it had I found it strange that this was suggested about 2 and a half years ago and still hadn't been put into effect.
Now I know not every single suggestion can be put into effect but something so simple and something that I'm sure just about every user would want really should be put into consideration when adding new tools.
What gets me is why after about 2 and a half years something like this hasn't been made? Espically considering this is a community and the comments page acts like a message board and every message board I've been to certainly gives you the option to edit a comment.
I don't see what would be wrong with putting in an edit comments button. Abuse certainly shouldn't be a factor because you can't sit there and say "oh but the abuse factor!" every time something new gets suggested. If you're going to say that everytime you might as well just leave LJ because really just about anything on here can be turned into abuse.
But let me ask you this, how many times have you sat there and typed up a long comment and then posted it only to realize you left out something really important you forgot to say? Or how about when you make a few spelling mistakes then people jump down your throat because you made a few stupid spelling mistakes, not because you didn't know how to spell it but just because you were in a hurry? Sure you could delete the whole comment but really that just gets very annoying, espically if you've made a few comments and need to fix them all up. It would be so much simpler to have an edit comments button that you can click and then once you've made your edit it could possibly display a message saying when it was edited like what you would see on a message board.
Anyway I just really wanted to know why this hasn't been put on LJ yet and if it is even going to be put on. Because ever since I've had LJ I've wanted that option. I'm positive a lot of people would also support me in wanting something like that too.

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