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just a thought

I'm sorry but does anybody else think that this is tragic.

As it has been pointed out by

brad ,</span>jproulx , evan  and everyone else on the livejournal team I don't think that people need to be told again that the codes were not used as a filter to keep groups of people elite, but to limit the load on the servers when they did not have a large enough capacity for the amount of users which now use the service.

It doesn't make any difference if you are a paid user or not. If you do not like the service, don't pay for it again - or don't use it.

Anyway 740 out of 2.3 million users?

On another note. With "tools" that require people to enter their LJ username and password, is it not possible for the authors of these tools to become an affiliate of LJ and code it into the LJ system itself, rather than being an "outside" tool?


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